track for today… anthroprophh 'crow with sore throat'

'Crow With Sore Throat' is an outstanding new track from Anthroprophh, put out there recently as a trail for their forthcoming album Outside The Circle, due for release on Rocket Recordings in September 2014. (Via Rocket Recordings and Brooklyn Vegan)

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track for today… pulled apart by horses 'lizard baby'

Oh look, it's a brand new track from Pulled Apart By Horses, due for release at the start of September 2014. It's a bit less rambunctious than their earlier work. Maybe they're mellowing and/or sleazing things up as they age...

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track for today… stephen o'malley FACT mix

Less of a 'track for today', more of a 'three-hour-long vast sweep through all kinds of musical history and invention... for today'. Stephen O'Malley (most notably of Sunn o))) and Ideologic) has put together an epic collection that takes in semi-ambient soundscapes, spoken word musique concrète, shredding guitar noise and, well, you'll need to listen to it to experience the full breadth on offer. Set aside an afternoon...

The 25-track mix is up the FACT website, here.

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track for today… death grips 'black quarterback'

Well, this was unexpected. 'Black Quarterback' is a track from a new Death Grips collection, Niggas On The Moon, released to the world a few hours ago. It's apparently "the first instalment of the double album, the powers that b", and it and several other of these new tracks feature Björk! They've pulled off that rare track of sounding both more accessible and more deranged/unhinged/intimidating than on earlier work. This stuff sounds great.

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track for today… the shine brothers 'innocent girl'

It's always good when a modern band accurately captures the sound and attitude of mid-1960s fuzzy R'n'B punk, and therefore it's good that The Shine Brothers album Hello Griefbirds! is jammed full of examples of this. Slightly sleazy, slightly whacked-out, the shimmering influence of songs collated through no end of Pebbles/Rubble/Beyond The Calico Wall-type compilations seems that it will never end...

Hello Griefbirds! is released by Cardinal Fuzz.

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