new good band: helved rüm

After seeing Helved Rüm perform at a recent Oxford Improvisers event, I tracked down 2012, a free six-track album:

The duo, from Paris, is drummer Julien Chamla and electroacoustician Simon Henocq. Everything you hear is created from live drum equipment overlaid with processed sound from manipulation of that equipment.

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new good band: föllakzoid

Through the magic of Spotify suggestions – which are often impressively on the money – Föllakzoid, a Chilean band that to me sound like a combination of The Oscillation, Hovercraft, late '60s cosmic psychedelia and prime '70s motorik. Two albums, two singles, to stream or to buy. Amazing, mind-blowing music:

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the punk rockers, on 'the morning show' in the 1980s

Some fun footage of New York punk scenesters in the 80s, through the lens of US daytime TV:

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new good band: painful silence

Painful Silence offer thick, textured blasts of noise with arrhythmic tones overlaid, neatly typifying the characteristics of Dark Ambient as described by Wikipedia: "A subgenre of Industrial music that features foreboding, ominous, or discordant overtones". Painful Silence, aka Stefano Samà, are self-described as "an experimental/dark ambient project born in January 2013, with the specific purpose of creating soundtracks for decaying landscapes, by composing through software and analogue synths."

Molten Slagheap is available as a limited-edition CD-R; there's plenty more to hear at Painful Silence's SoundCloud page.

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new good band: el mahdy jr.

The cloying, dark, cut-up nature of El Mahdy Jr.'s work could seem a little trite when combined with the album title The Spirit Of Fucked Up Places, until you read the short biography on the album's BandCamp page:

"El Mahdy Jr. and his family fled the brutal Civil war of his native Algeria in the 90s, relocating to Turkey. Upon returning years later to Algeria, Mahdy worked as a French-Arabic translator in Algeria and later in Burkina Faso. Sick in bed with malaria, he began to paint sonic pictures of his travels in exile; digitally decoding a hazy trance-induced melting of his native Algerian music, Turkish folk, the furious Poly-Rhythms of West africa, and his love of slow, low slung Rap beats. Now living in Istanbul, El Mahdy Jr. is a respected artist amongst the Istanbul beat scene. His sonic experiments have grown into a collection of disciplined, well timed musical gestures that confound the expectations of any single genre. Splicing devotional music into a blunted blend of half time bass and mystic sound. Familiar in its bass weight and its global melt, but completely new and enveloping in its fragility and poise."

The really-nice looking vinyl edition of the album is now sold out, but there's a limited number of 'dead stock' editions still available...

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